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emonim_ha 2019.10.23
Please open reservation of concert ticket for foreigners.
Hello, I am Kim Dong Ryul’s fan. I would like the related staffs and Music Farm company considering about reservation of concert ticket for foreigners who do not live in South Korea. Every time when Kim Dong Ryul had the concerts, I had to ask for helping from my friend’s friend who live in South Korea to reserve the ticket. Sometimes they were inconvenience so I missed the tickets again and again. I know you have a lot of Koreans’ fans base and Koreans’ fans had missed the concert also. But at least if foreigners' fans can book by ourselves without others help like the way I told you it would be regret less
I hope the staffs and company will consider my suggestion and understand my purpose. It would be great if you open a channel  for foreigners’ fans  to  be able to booking their own ticket next time.
Thank you very much
Kim Dong Ryul foreigner's fan