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hipporkbelly 2021.12.23
Christmas Toast (酒中東談)

Let's serenade Mr Kim. Why not? It's Christmas. By that I mean I'd like to send out some good vibes with the following light-hearted banter. 

Merry Christmas, y'all!



Concerts, concerts here and there, nor any one to go

The one I did want to go

Lightning fast, oversold


“Kingdom Gryll?  I see. Rapper?”

Nay. A Piper

He sings < 기억의 습작>,<아이처럼>,< 속에서>...

“Gnocchi chop-suey? Eggy Churro? Gung soup queso?”

“They sound gooey, if not inconceivable exotic food. Fusion Christmas dinner tonight?”

Just old-fashioned bakes and soup to keep warm

Baking Kimchi?

I am not that edgy

“Who knows? You foolhardy baker”

I shall serve a fresh strawberry daiquiri, my lady

For extra delight, rice nibbles to join in low calorie to the daiquiri

By the way, when Kim laughs, he’s Senbei Norimaki

Goofy as the next guy in a karaoke

When it’s his turn to sing, he becomes Dr Slump

His songs give some people goosebumps

When Kim hums

It's yummier than dim sum

His vibrato

 Resonates with the smoothest gelato

My favorite crooner alive, I'd readily suggest


10,000 won, 50,000 won, K money comes in big denominations

K psyche gears toward world domination

His dreamy melody going with Salanghae, Salanghae ... and all that jazz

“What lovey-dovey, conquering-all Confucian K culture!”

“Cheese cake, anyone?”

“Unlike us outspoken Hongkongers who still count pennies”

And whisper those three little words sparingly

Otherwise, we speak in no ambivalent terms

Saying that I'd do the dishes for you

Although we said I’ll do the dishes for you

Should I do the dishes for you one more time?

Don't say the dishwasher is not love!

“You bet it's true love

When a man puts on the dishwashing gloves"

Let's raise our glasses to that

“O, Covid”

O, Morbid!

“I am one drink away from…”

酒過三巡,易吐易露 - LOL


He has a mole on his philtrum

Could it be an amulet against musical doldrums?

“God forbid if you find it sexy

'Cause he'd think you're crazy”

No, not me. I like muscles. Kidding. May be not

Those strong and powerful vocal cords

Kim is quite an artist

I am hugely impressed by his arrangement

I listen in amazement

Layer upon layer, like a Russian doll

Enthralling enough to pierce the Chinese wall


More glass clinking later

To my home girl, I made a tipsy confession

Last year, I came close to depression

From the nasty leg injury

For now, things are hunky dory

“I didn’t know,

I was so slow.”

Never mind

You were always so kind

“You know I love you, my friend”

I do. You are so the person I want to drink with!


So groggy

The sight of Sugar Plum Fairy?

And Kim appearing in front of the mantel? I make a dash for the mistletoe!

Fingers drumming on the piano, belting out <Rainbow Connection> Slowly

What’s So Amazing That Keeps Us Stargazing And What Do We Think We Might See?

Smoking mole

Man of Seoul

Blue within thee

Cool as can be…

Mr Kim, stop brooding

Have some Christmas pudding


Omo! And I see Ryul dancing like Fred Astaire??

Burp! Feeling something prickly in my loungewear

No More Yielding But A Dream

Too much Maotai and sugar. Good grief

I nodded off with arms on a sizable Yule wreath

Pine branches and holly berries

Tonight, I put aside my worries

Musically, how I wish …

Oh well, now a slice of midnight quiche

As the scent of Fir, apple cinnamon lingers

Let’s call it a night for these occasional Christmas drinkers